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Remote Fluency: Taking a Design Thinking Approach with Tamara Sanderson and Ali Greene

On this episode of Managing Remote Teams, we dive into the topic of remote work fluency with Ali Greene and Tamara Sanderson. Ali shares the three essential pillars of remote work fluency, while Tamara talks about her personal exploration of design thinking and how it can aid in creativity. We […]

Diagnosing remote burnout with Toms Blodnieks

Do you know how to figure out if someone is burned out and what effects it’s having on your team?

Range.co on meetings with remote introverts

The creators of the excellent remote team management tool range.co share their insights as well as how they run their own teams.

Listening with Raquel Ark

Listening is a critical skill for managers, and paradoxically those who think they’re good listeners are often the ones benefitting the least from it. Raquel Ark shares research-backed tips on how to listen effectively at work.

Jim Kalbach on designing remote collaboration

It’s possible for teams to collaborate and be creative when remote. Listen to Jim Kalbach to learn how.

Managing asynchronously through the Russia-Ukraine war

Liam has been a remote work advocate for a long time, as a successful serial entrepreneur and innovator in this space. We dig into how being remote and asynchronous freed him up to respond effectively to the evolving Russia-Ukraine conflict, supporting his Ukrainian team creatively.

Perry Marshall on redefining work

Just like there are many words for snow among Eskimos, we need more words for work. This has major implications for productivity and feeling fulfilled.

How to Get Remote Teams into Flow with Diane Allen

Teams in high performance feel an effortless flow when they collaborate. Diane Allen discusses how to get there with your team.

Why Process Behavior Charts help manage with metrics with Mark Graban

Once you start gathering a lot of data, it’s hard to know what is useful and what is noise. Process control charts help you know when there is an important change.

What’s coming up in Season 2

Chat through what is new on the upcoming season of the podcast.

Season 1 retrospective: Episode 50!

A year’s worth of learning over podcasting during the pandemic.

How to use flowcharts when collaborating remotely

Flowcharts are a powerful tool when collaborating in or with distributed teams. Find out how Trevor uses them effectively.

Remote Scrum with Luke Szyrmer

In order to get scrum right in a remote setting, ensure you have the right environment around the team(s) doing scrum.

On axiology in project management with Traci Duez

It’s all too common to focus on the mechanics of delivering projects, while missing the whole point of the work in the first place. Traci Duez explains how to prevent or fix that.

Remote work visibility with Carole Stizza

“Seeing” your remote collegues helps them feel valued and included. Here’s how.

How to combat difficult situations at work with Jeff Harry

Techniques to help deal with difficult people or situations in a work context, particularly for leaders and managers

Why standups are overrated

Real talk about standups for teams distributed across many time zones, as well as other practices from Loomly, a remote-first company.

Why remote creative collaboration is different with Thibault Clement

Remote creative collaboration

Remote accountability with Jonathan Raymond

Healthy accountability works both ways, even when remote. Jonathan Raymond explains.

How to setup your remote team for success

Lots of practical tips from Joe Houghton for getting the right setup for both individuals on a team as well as remote managers.

How to start large scale change initiatives

Two excellent tools which Mike Burrows uses to kick off larger scale change in organizations.

How to link strategy to delivery with Mike Burrows

Mike’s idea of wholehearted organizations really gets at the heart of the strategy-implementation gap in companies.

How to achieve psychological safety at work with Patty Beach

Patty has techniques for creating psychological safety that help you make tough calls as a leader.

How to set effective boundaries when managing remotely

Effective boundaries are the key to getting remote teamwork right.

How Aikido helps you diffuse team conflict

The Japanese martial art Aikido serves as a mindset to help address team conflict within a company.

How to redesign company culture systematically

Nigel goes into the depths of how to use HR analytics to redesign company culture, measure trust, and collaboration.

Why data beats intuition when organizing people

The rise and rise of data when measuring individuals and company performance with Nigel Dias

Why “Big Tech” management tactics enabled them to grow big with Alex Kantrowitz

How all managers from any industry can apply the management practices that helped Big Tech get big…not just technology.

Recruiting “gotchas” and tips with Nancy Slessenger (pt 2)

Recruiting war stories and common traps to avoid from expert recruiter Nancy Slessenger.

How to hire a great fit guaranteed with Nancy Slessenger (pt 1)

Nancy is a world class hiring expert with a unique process derived from first principles that works–just as well when remote hiring just as well as in person. We chat about how Nancy uses her process and what she’s learned over the years, including:  Why people who interview well may […]

Why meeting software urgently needs to be revamped with Arjun Sundararajan

Bringing a silicon valley mindset to facilitation, Arjun is building a new platform for meetings, to help managers bridge the facilitation skills gap they currently face.

How to delegate outcomes remotely with Allan Kelly (pt 1)

Allan Kelly dives into how to use OKRs to delegate outcomes to teams, while still giving them autonomy to figure out the best way to achieve them.

Mic Flip: Lukasz gets grilled on the Industry Angel podcast

Basking in the glow of hitting #1 in the Amazon charts for business teams, Luke gets interviewed by Ian Farrar of the Industry Angel podcast

Why the people side of change matters most with Robert Bendetti

What people need is the starting point for dealing with change, regardless of how massive or external it is.

A 2020 remote work retrospective with Stefan Palios (pt2)

Stefan goes picture about how work has changed this year, how his predictions in the early days panned out, and what to expect in the future.

Why lockdown work is not remote work with Stefan Palios (pt1)

This episode digs into how 2020 looked as remote went mainstream, albeit somewhat forcefully. Stefan is a writer and thinker covering remote work trends from before the pandemic and shares unique insights.

How to ask behavioral interview questions with Ryan Englin

Ryan has a great set of techniques for behavioral interviewing, when meeting candidates, which he details here. He also has great advice for remote worker hiring, in terms of the most important things to check and screen for.

How to hire remotely with Ryan Englin

Ryan is a recruiter and marketer focused on blue collar hiring. We discuss hiring during the pandemic, impacts on blue collar industries, and how to become an employer that attracts great candidates. He also ties together how hiring strategy affects every other area of a service-based company, whether you are […]

How to implement RACI 2.0 in your company with Cassie Solomon (part 2)

Implementing RACI helps you fix many of the potential weaknesses inherent in cross functional teams, i.e. the ones doing anything that customers care about. And it matters even more when remote.

Why clarify team roles (when moving to remote) with Cassie Solomon

Role clarity is one of the most common complaints of employees, especially when working across department lines. RACI expert Cassie Solomon details why this matters, and what to start doing about it.

Practical tips to run effective meetings with Elise Keith (part 2)

Make sure you spend your time effectively in meetings. Listen to this episode to be sure you’re getting the most out of the time you invest in them.

How to run effective meetings with Elise Keith

Meetings are a lot more complicated than meets the eye. Elise Keith, a world-class expert in meetings, gives some insight into how to run really effective meetings.

How companies and teams can handle burnout with Jules Turner (part 2)

This episode goes into the team and company level impacts of burnout, and how address it as a manager who wants to help mitigate the problem and support everyone through this difficult situation.

How to survive burnout (literally) with Jules Turner

Anybody can burn out. Listen to Jules’ story about how burnout almost cost him his life, and what his takeaways are from the whole experience.

Implementing Results with Jody Thompson (part 2)

Starting from where you are, it might feel like a big change to move towards a results only work environment. Tune in to this episode for useful tips on how to start shifting towards a results only environment, including first steps you can take in that direction.

Results Only Work Environments with Jody Thompson (part 1)

What happens when you focus company culture on results? Turns out, quite a lot…and there’s a lot of unexpected side effects. So much of everyday corporate life is just a coping mechanism for not having enough clarity about intended outcomes.

How to Solve Company Problems Together with Bart Doorenwert (part 2)

Here we get actionable, with specific format examples, and also suggestions about how to introduce this into a larger company, as well as what it can do to help break down silos.

How to Collaborate Online with Bart Doorenwert (part 1)

There are patterns of offline and online collaboration which can supercharge your ability to run interactive meetings. Dig into peer learning as a collaboration tool with Bart Dooerenwert.

How to Baseline Remote Team Culture with Piotr Zagorowski

Team agreements are a practical way to create a positive remote team culture. Piotr Zagorowski, a remote team manager with 4 years experience, explains the ins and outs of this approach.

How to Present Online with Dean Waye (pt 2)

Detailed actionable tips from Dean Waye on how to deliver online presentations, both in a sales context and within organizations. Dean has been helping professional speakers deliver content online for close to a decade.

How to Present Online with Dean Waye (part 1)

Even though we can’t rely on human cues when delivering remote presentations, some people are just killing it. Dean Waye has been helping professional speakers deliver online content for close to a decade. He goes into how to persuade effectively when remote, for sales and operational purposes. About Dean Waye […]

In-betweenisode: moving to Tuesdays

TranscriptHello. Hello, thanks for tuning in yet again. I am just putting this episode out to thank everyone for listening in, it’s been a great ride so far, somewhat of an experiment on my end as it’s a slightly different topic than I’m usually talking about namely innovation. however, I […]

How Teams Can Get Creative Remotely with Dave Mastronardi

Televised in both Koreas, Dave has over 15 years experience at the intersection of business, technology, and communication, helping companies rethink and change the way they do business. Employers include SaaS start-ups and Fortune 50. Industry experience includes: telecommunications, finance, management consulting, travel and entertainment, professional sports, industrial manufacturing. He’s […]

How to Plan Ahead When You Know Nothing with Borislav Borislavov

About Borislav Borislavov: Entrepreneur and Executive Manager with extensive experience in Software Development, Digital Marketing, Fintech (Payments & Remittances, Blockchain, Lending), Digital Services, Certification Services, Entrepreneurship, Venture Capital, Management Consulting. Lecturer on various topics, frequent speaker in industry specific events and universities. Mentor and judge at local and international entrepreneurship […]

Activity Based Working with James Newson

available on Mural.co James grew up in rural Taranaki, New Zealand. He left the farming life to travel the world and now lives in the UK with his wife, three kids and an oversized rescue dog. He got into technology by doing a vocational Microsoft course and worked his way up […]

DataTruth on Lessons from Lockdown (part 2)

Visual show notes from our call on mural.co Visit DataTruth at https://www.datatruth.co.uk for the full report or request a copy from Tristan on LinkedIn. Transcript DataTruth on Lessons from LockdownLuke: what about the biggest practical challenges that you’ve heard from the people you were interviewing and serving? Tristan Neagle:  practically speaking. It probably goes back […]

DataTruth on Lessons from Lockdown (part 1)

Tristan Neagle and Rashmi Ray from DataTruth have interviewed close to a hundred and surveyed several hundred managers about how they are dealing with lockdown. And they share a lot of useful patterns they’ve discovered, which no one else sees just sitting at their home office desk.

Why I Created This Podcast

Even before the pandemic, large scale disengagement plagued managers in established companies. Now, as we shift to remote working, we need to go back to first principles in order to re-design how work life will look.